About Us

The Beeches Independent School provides specialist education to 32 children with autism and/or learning difficulties.

Each pupil follows a coordinated and completely bespoke program of learning that is structured throughout the day, and is relevant and purposeful for their individual needs.

Meet our Head of Education


Our brand-new school has been completely renovated with state-of-the-art facilities and resources that fulfil the SEN requirements of our pupils, ensuring they receive the best education possible in a calming and comfortable environment. These include:

Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms

Sensory room

Large garden with its own vegetable patch and playground

Outdoor kitchen with modern appliances to replicate a home culinary experience

Our Curriculum

Our personalised Curriculum is designed around the varying needs of each learner to promote a love of learning and foster a curious and inquisitive growth mindset. Our lessons are designed to encourage creativity and encompasses a wide range of learning styles to accommodate sensory needs. It is imperative that our young people have a voice, and that it is listened to in order to direct and shape their own learning experiences.

Our broad and exciting Curriculum offers a wide range of subjects with the emphasis being placed on a variety of learning styles, to accommodate the needs of all young people, irrespective of their ability. The emphasis of our education is in celebration of achievements, both academically and socially, and the overcoming of barriers presented by disabilities; we are proud to be inclusive. Embracing and building on special interests and skills in order to enthuse and engage our learners is a key factor to our teaching and learning, along with the introduction of independent skills which prepare the individual for independence in adulthood.

Through Curriculum teaching, social modelling, enrichment visits and celebrations, we aim to shape each learner’s awareness of our community and the wider world in order to become active citizens. Respecting ourselves, our peers and others in the community underpins the British Values and is central to the wide range of experiences we offer. We pride ourselves on a respectful environment where our pupils “are kind and polite to each other” (Ofsted 2019), and where supporting one another is the norm.

To discuss our educational ethos in more detail or to discuss a possible placement at our school, please contact us by calling 01733215204 or emailing info@beechesuk.co.uk.